26 weeks

I can't even believe I am already 26 weeks with our third little bird. This pregnancy has literally flown by, and has been the sweetest dream. I am not ready for it to be over. You probably shouldn't ask me that question when I am suffering in the heat of July, I may give you a different answer ;] But honestly, its gone by to fast. I am trying to soak in every little moment because I know all too well it will pass me by so quickly. I am just a few short weeks away from hitting my third trimester. It really makes things seem so real. I couldn't be more thankful for this beautiful gift that I have been given. Motherhood, and how it comes to be is such an amazing experience.

Baby girl is so very active. She is constantly moving and always kicking. Its been a blessing being able to feel her move around so much. I don't know if she can sense it, but i surly needed that extra security knowing she is alright. I like to think she is sweetly kicking me {and sometimes not so sweetly kicking my ribs} to let me know she is ok. Another little gift from above. The tender mercies I feel daily from my savor fill my heart with the most overwhelming sense of love and peace. 

My little birdie, I dream of the beautiful day where I peacefully bring you into this world. You are so very loved my dear. xo ofa lahi atu  
dress: leota  /  hat: asos  /  shoes: steve madden  /  jacket: gap  /  accessories: alex and ani
lip stick: hurts bees I linked my lip color because its been one of my summer faves!
I am sure you can tell from my Instagram account {@mrswolfgramm} I have been living in nothing but flowy dresses lately. The bigger I get the more I rely on them for comfort. This dress in particular has been a favorite. Its light and airy, perfect for hot summer days. 

XO- Paige


Summer Ready with Persil ProCLean

This post is in partnership with Persil. All opinions are my own.

This summer we plan on many evenings spent outside as a family of four before baby sister comes and makes us a family of 5. Five?! Guys, I can't even believe it. This pregnancy has already flown by and we are already over half way there. I dream of our lives with our third little bird, but for now I want to make the best of the time we have left with just our two sweet girlies before welcoming home baby {L}. 

We plan on many evenings spent out on the porch, eating on our picnic blankets, making forts, laying out while watching the clouds fly by, evenings making s'mores and star gazing, juicy watermelon lunches {i can't get enough watermelon these days} , and endless pool parties in the sun. Oh how I love summer and all the sticky messes that come along with it. 

We are getting summer ready by washing all our picnic blankets and outside linens. I am not afraid to let the girls get down and dirty on all my fresh whites because I use Persil ProClean detergent. Persil is gentle enough on all my vintage linens, yet powerful enough to get out all those hard toddler play-time stains. I love how heavenly and clean our laundry feels, and smells. Its the perfect detergent for anything around my babies sweet, soft, skin. 

Persil ProClean can be found in select Target stores, and available to everyone online. Try a bottle today. You won't regret the powerful clean thats gentle enough to be around the little lovies in your life.


play time with NUBY

We love our NUBY FunKeys. Maliana's little hands can easily
 hold onto the rings and she just adores chewing and sucking them away.

This is the perfect toy for your little 3+ month teether. It has multiple 
teething surfaces that are so easy for those little gums to chew on, to help soothe those cutting teeth. 
Even though this little isn't teething, she still loves to play with her FunKeys!

These Nuby FunKeys are currently available at these retailers
 www.diapers.com * www.amazon.com * www.idealbaby.com * Big Lots 

If you don't want to miss out on any other products from Nuby, 
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this post was sponsored by Nuby, but all opinions are my own.

one month | twelve months of maliana

Has it already been one month? I can't imagine a day without this sweet little face.  

| O N E   M O N T H   O L D | 

outfit details: headband | onesie | I made her suit out of an up-cycled skit sweater. |tutorial coming soon| 

I was so nervous when you decided to come a few weeks early. But everything was perfect, and we have loved spending these extra few weeks with you. 

It just melts my heart watching Sisilia fall more and more in love with this sweet precious baby. Maliana, you already have us all wrapped around your tiny little fingers. 

Maliana Nellie Ileen Wolfgramm

loves sleeping close to momma in your bassinet
eating every 3 hours
taking baths with mom and big sister
absolutely adores her binky
napping on daddy's chest
rocking in your swing
always wants her blankie
is learning to like big sisters love and cuddles |even when its not the softest|

Maliana is the happiest, sweetest little lovie. She rarely cries or fusses. I cant even think of anything she hates. She doesn't mind getting dressed or even diaper changes. She is my little sweet heart. 


Twelve months of Sisilia | 12 months

Happy F I R S T Birthday Sisilia. 

I cant even believe my baby girl is already ONE year old. 
This last year has easily been my favorite year yet.
Sisilia brings so much happiness and joy into our lives. 
We love her sweet little personality.


Enjoy this sweet little video of Sisilias first birthday and  Katoanga.
In the Tongan culture a Katoanga is a HUGE first birthday celebration.

Thank you to my Momma &The Main Event catering for making our meal, treats, and cake!
Sisilias first Taualuga. 
The music came on and she knew exactly what to do.

My beautiful niece dancing for Sisilia. 
This is who we named my little Maliana after. 
This sweet girl has a special place in my heart. ofa atu Mailiana. xo

My little Tongan princess opening all her presents in her third birthday outfit. 
My Aunty/Sisilias grandma made her these beautiful Tongan dresses and accessories. 
We are so very thankful for her, and everything she did for Sisilias Katoanga.

 | twelve months old | 

Sisilia loves her new baby sister. She is always trying to kiss and hold the baby. I was so afraid Sisi would be jealous and resent her new little sister. It has been quite the opposite! Sisi has to be involved with everything we do with the baby. 

She is the worlds sweetest sister.

Sisi is always on the move. Walking, and getting into everything. She is SO curious. 

She loves eating. Fruit snacks and daddy's trail mix are her current favorites. 

This girl LOVES bed time and nap time. If she is tired she grabs me by the hand and leads me to he bed. Never cries or fights when its time to sleep. She sleeps 12-13 hours every night. And takes 2 naps everyday. Now trying to nap at Grandmas house is a different story. All she wants to do is play. 

Bath time is still a favorite at our house. Especially because she got a new little bath partner, her little sister is her favorite bath toy ;] 

Sisilia still loves taking pictures. She always poses and smiles for mommas camera. If I have clients over for a photo session she get so jealous and tries to get in all the pictures. She helps me by taking pictures with her own camera. She loves holding her own camera up to her face to take pictures. It just melts my heart! 

Playing dress up is also a favorite here. She ALWAYS has to be wearing her bracelet. She will not let me  take it off. She has pretty tututs and princess dresses she loves wearing around. 

She is ALWAYS smiling and happy. Even when she is sick, or teething.

Sisi is always dancing. Whenever she hears music its time to get down! Dance parties in the kitchen are always fun while waiting for daddy to come home, and making dinner.

She loves talking! She has quite the little vocabulary going on. She says her own name, momma, dada, baby, hi, sissa [for sister] "where sisi" then "peek-a-boo", gapa, NO NO NO, dance, baba, She knows lots of animals and can repeat their sounds. Cows, Dogs, and Fishies are her favorites.

She is the sweetest little lovie and loves snuggling and cuddling with mom, dad, and of course baby sister.

She has 6+ teeth and finally learned how to drink from a straw.

We love our little happy explorer!